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2017 Will be better!

It’s no secret that this website has lacked a bit of loving care in the last part of 2016. However with the new year comes renewed commitment to be better.

We had a good start to 2016 so hopefully we can take that good start to the year and apply it throughout 2017 rather than falter near the end.

With all that said and done there is some big news happening in the auotomation and Ai industries. 

Apple announced earlier in December that it’s engineers will be permitted to release technical research papers. 

Bloomberg on Apple Research
The research and in depth information being released by one of the most influential technology firms in the world is a huge step forward for the planet and the robotics and automation industries as a whole.

It really is an exciting time to be into technology and automation.With Apple embracing more knowledge sharing and other companies pushing the boundaries. The developments and new technology we will see in the coming years is sure to be exquisite.

Some of the notable technology breakthroughs recently have been:

We have also seen huge improvements in VR technology and Augmented reality. 2017 is sure to be a very exciting year and were promising better coverage than we have provided in 2016 stick with us it’s going to be a blast.

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