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Types Of Robots

Czech writer, Karel Čapek who is responsible for first using use the word Robot in his play R.U.R created in 1920. Was unlikely to be aware of how common this word would become. In his play they were not exactly robots according to the current definition of the term, they ...

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Preventing Invasion Of Robots On Corporate Privacy

Alex Hubers, a computer science major, presented his research at the 10th annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, March 2-5, in Portland, Oregon. Systems that give control of a mobile robot to a remote user raise privacy concerns about what the remote user can see and do through the ...

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Evolutionary robotics: what, why, and where to??

Evolutionary robotics applies the selection, variation, and heredity principles of natural evolution to the design of robots with embodied intelligence. It can be considered as a subfield of robotics that aims to create more robust and adaptive robots. A pivotal feature of the evolutionary approach is that it considers the ...

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